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Relax wash and enjoy good health with this Yoni Steamer.

  • Naturally Clean & Rejuvenate
  • Squeeze and Spray
  • Minimize menstrual pains, itching and odor. 
  • Detox and motivate fat burn. 

Free Squat: Cleanse hard to reach areas especially for maternity and elderly.

Temperature control to ensure comfortably.

Smooth surface, easy to clean.

Foldable option for easy storage.


*2 applications of Beautopia's Island Herbs included. 

Ingredients: Safflower, Lavendar, Motherwort Herb, Dried Ginger, Aloe, Flos Rosae Rugosae, Flos Albizziae, Folium Artimisiae Argyi. 



1. Sit Beautopias Island Wash on toilet. 

2. Add 8 cups of hot water. 

3. Add one bag of Beautopias Island Herbs to water. 

4. Squat for 5 minutes until water is comfortable for sitting. 

5. When the water is comfortable for sitting; steam and use the natural squeeze and wash douche feature for 10 minutes. 

* It is suggested not to use more than once a week. 


Material: PVC, Not easy to slide

Dimensions: 13.5cmX5.5cm

Not suggested: Do not add back

Beautopia’s Island Wash

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